Know the Must Haves for Music Mixing 

Your DAW might have lots of useful features. But, according to, there are some unused features in DAW and once they’re not used, there’s a reason. Maybe you don’t know your DAW well or you did not need such special features so you did not discover them yet. In any case, that is okay. You do not need them. Mastering every feature of your DAW will not even make you a good mixer. So, make sure to focus on the basics, which are the essential mixing tools.
To record tracks, you have to know how the interface works, the ways to create the audio tracks, and setting up your outputs and inputs and ways how monitoring really works. In terms of music mixing, there are only several essential tools in your DAW that will help you get great mixes.
EQ enables you to give clarity to the songs. Every track is dumping into a stereo output and it is competing for the same range of frequency. You require EQ to make the tracks work together rather than against each other. EQ will also make them blend very well, so you would better learn the ways to use it.
The faders are crucial since setting the levels is the mixing’s core aspect. Faders are the most essential tool, but it is a simple tool. However, your static mix is very important. Once you forget the levels right, the mix will be halfway done.
It is used to provide a sense of space. It feels like the band was playing live in the room. You may use reverb to push some instruments back to give depth to the vocals or give life to the guitar solo. In music mixing, your best friend is reverb.
Generally, compression provides punch to your instruments and makes the volume more consistent. Clear and upfront vocals, grooving bass, and punchy drums are the result of good compression use. You should also get it right.
Pan Knobs
Provide width to the tracks with panning. Sure your mix will sound good in mono, yet it may sound good in stereo. Pan tracks to maximize the stereo width and make songs sound bigger.
Those are just the essential music mixing basic tools that you need for every project. Therefore, you should focus on those and leave the other features of your DAW later. You will use your chorus and fancy phaser later. It is just the fact that they are fancy and you do not need them that much. You might also need them, yet they aren’t your everyday tools.
Therefore, work on the essentials of music mixing first and create solid mixing skills. For more details on making good sounding mixes with the use of those essential features in your DAW, don’t hesitate to visit and get ready to level up your skills on music mixing and make a name in the world of music.

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